3 Best Stair Safety Gates Roundup

When you have steep set of stairs in your home as well as a baby or toddler about, it makes sense to ensure that they are protected. A stair safety gate gives you peace of mind and prevents nasty accidents from happening, because it only takes a moment’s distraction to lose sight of what your young ones are up to. Many people also use these gates to contain pets, and they are ideal for this type of use too.

Read on to find out what are some of the better products out there when it comes to making sure the stair area is as safe as possible.

1) KidCo Safety Gate Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

KidCo are one of the top manufactures of safety gates and have a solid track record of producing well made safety products at an affordable price. This safety gate is one of the best top-of-stair safety gates on the market, and it is very solid. The gate itself is mounted on brackets that screw into the wall, and assembly is very straight forward.  You can also extend it with the extension kit if the stock gate is not quite long enough, and it mounts onto angled walls as well. Probably the only minor blip against the KidCo is that the supplied screws are a little on the small side, but you can use your own if need be, so this is not a major fault. The best value for money safety gate out there.

2) EvenFlow Stair Safety Gate – Top of Stairs Model 4 out of 5 Stars

The EvenFlow is a little pricier than the KidCo offering, but for the extra cost you get an extremely sturdy safety gate that is very easy to open with one hand. For you at least, and not your toddler! The intuitive on-click safety button system ensures that even your mini-Einstein will be unable to figure this one out. The main selling point of this model is that it is made of wood rather than plastic which means it is impossible to bend out of shape and much more difficult to climb over. The 4-point mount system is another plus point. Finally the EvenFlow has a toggle switch setting on it that can restrict the gate to move either both ways or fixed to just swing inwards depending on whether you want to fit it at the top of the stairs or in a doorway – this added flexibility is welcome.

If you are looking for a gate that fits in with the rest of your home surroundings with a wood look and don’t mind paying a little extra this is one of the strongest gates on the market.

3) KidCo Top of Stair Gate for Right Angled Stairs 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Another KidCo gate but this one is able to be fitted in awkward areas where you don’t have a wall on either side of the top of the stairs. This added flexibility means that this product may be the only option for some people with older homes. However, the angled KidCo gate is a good gate in its own right with many of the benefits of the regular version. One downside about this gate however is that it has a very “plastic-y” look and feel to it which some people may not like, but as a safety gate it fulfills its intended purpose and works well. A great gate that may be some people’s only option.

Kidco Safeway white G2000
List Price:
Sale Price: $38.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Evenflo Top of Stair Plus Gate
List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $39.95
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days


Why You Should Get A Stair Stafety Gate In Your home

A parent’s lifelong ambition is to keep their precious child safe. Making sure a house is child proofed is one of the first gifts a parent can bestow upon their baby. Child safety is a progressive process that changes with each developmental phase a child goes through. Once a child has learned to walk, stairs represent numerous hazards just awaiting an unsuspecting toddler. This is an excellent reason to purchase a stair safety gate, and it is a perfect method of protecting a child from a potentially harmful fall.

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Deluxe Top Of Stairs Wood Walk Thru GateStair safety gates are a great investment that the whole family can benefit from. Installing a stair safety gate allows a parent or caretaker peace of mind since the child cannot climb up or down the stairs with the gate in place. A stair safety gate gives a parent or caretaker the ability to inhibit a young child’s movements, thus establishing better parental or caretaker supervision. Most gates are durable and reusable; even when a child has outgrown the need for a safety gate, it can be turned into a pet blockade. Many small animals can become injured if they fall down stairs; therefore, a stair safety gate is an excellent way to keep pets safe.

Other reasons why a safety gate should be purchased is night time safety. Toddlers are notorious for waking during the night, and staircases should be blocked off with a gate to prevent injuries. People who sleepwalk could also benefit from the extra protection of a stair safety gate. Pet owners can keep animals corralled to one level of their house with a gate on the stairs; this barrier will ensure animals don’t become a nuisance by scratching at bedroom doors. Another night time bonus the gate exhibits is its possible ability to trip people who are trying to sneak in, or out of the house. The gate may alert the homeowner to a possible home invasion, or allow a parent to catch a teenage sneaking out.

Most injuries occur in the home, and many on staircases. Adding stair safety gates to a house protects its occupants against potential falls. There are several styles, but for the best protection purchase a safety gate that is mounted right to the wall or stairs. This will guarantee the gate doesn’t mistakenly fall down. These gates are sold at most home improvement stores, and are fairly easy to install.

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